2019 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence

IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence

December 6-9, 2019 Xiamen, China


IEEE Symposium on Distributed Estimation, Control and Optimization (IEEE DECO)

The past decades witnessed a growing attention and interest in multi-agent systems (MASs) and cyber physical systems (CPSs). A large number of problems in both theories and applications are ready to be solved, such as state estimation on sensor networks, formation control of multi-robot systems and distributed optimization for smart grids. In recent years, with the growing scale and complexity of MASs and CPSs, traditional centralized methods become hardly to implement due to its high cost and difficulties in extendibility. Thus, distributed methods, owing to its high efficiency and high flexibility, have been considered as a significant way to deal with estimation, control and optimization problems for MASs and other fields. In the past few years, consensus problems have been well-studied in distributed estimation, control and optimization for multi-agent systems, which have wide applications on distributed sensor networks, multi-robot systems, smart grids, etc. All the agents will reach an agreement by a distributed protocol by means of local actions taken by each node, which is more superior to centralized protocol since it can drastically reduce the utilization of communication and computation resources and has no requirement on the global network topology without any centralized coordination.
Hence, the 2018 IEEE Symposium on Distributed Estimation, Control and Optimization (IEEE DECO) is aimed to pay close attention to the recent new development and progress on distributed estimation, control and optimization. The form will serve as an international interaction platform to bring the researchers and practitioners in distributed estimation, control, optimization and the intersection fields together. We host the original papers both on theories and applications in various fields, such as MAS, CPS, networked control systems, sensor networks, multi-robot systems, smart grids and other relevant areas. We equally welcome the new perspective from control theory, computer science and artificial intelligence.


  • Distributed state estimation
  • Sensor scheduling
  • Distributed consensus control of multi-agent systems
  • Distributed control of multiple rigid body systems
  • Distributed sampled-data control
  • Distributed control with switching topology
  • Distributed optimization and applications
  • Distributed learning
  • Formation control of autonomous systems
  • Formation control of robotics
  • Computer Vision for mobile robots
  • Navigation for mobile robots
  • Synchronization of power grids
  • Attacks, controls, cyber physical systems

Symposium Chairs

Yang Tang

East China University of Science and Technology

Email: tangtany@gmail.com, yangtang@ecust.edu.cn


XianWei Li

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Email: xianwei.li@sjtu.edu.cn; lixianwei1985@gmail.com


Wenbing Zhang

Yangzhou University

Email: zwb850506@126.com


Zhen Li

Xi-an University of Posts & Telecommunications,

Email: lzqz12@hotmail.com


Program Committee

Xiaotai Wu China
Qingying Miao China
Jian-an Fang China
Wei Du China
Fangfei Li China